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An Evening with Dickson Mbi & Friends

Tickets for An Evening with Dickson Mbi & Friends at The Lowry

A triple bill by world-renowned hip-hop dancer Dickson and friends, including his spiritual piece ‘Duende’.
Dickson’s ‘Duende’ is a complex artistic and psychical concept that could perhaps be thought of as the manifestation of the spirit  of the artist who reaches an authentic point of self-disclosure, conquering the habit of concealment to reveal something of the soul’s living history. 
The invitation to connect with another human being in this way, to see a live spirit coming in and out of its vessel, can be  overwhelming. We are all visitors in the object world, stepping in and out of the light of reality. Through the ritual of dance, The performer will create a fairy tale that communicates something of the emotion of these moments of light.
Choreographed & performed by Dickson Mbi
Lighting Design  Fabiana Piccioli
Composer “Awe” Roger Goula
Composer “Ploughing” Armand Amar
Rehearsal Support  Kenny Ho, Thomasian Gulgec & Patricia Rianne
Producer Farooq Chaudhry
Special Thanks
Special thanks to all of Dickson’s collaborators: Andreas Reyneke for his Pilates body work training leading up to this work; Farooq Chaudhry for his constant support, care and encouragement through out this process; The DAD Team at One DanceUK for opening doors.

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