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10 Week Clowning Course

Tickets for 10 Week Clowning Course at The Lowry

In these sessions you will laugh alot, you will discover what is funny about you, you will learn to make bold offerings onstage, you will learn to follow your impulse and the audiences laugh, you will learn to be sensitive and light onstage...did we say you will laugh? 

Each week you will be working physically, you will play games and exercises in groups and solo. 
Clown and play training is essential for all actors, come and find out why.
The Performers Playground was set up by Alice Robinson and Mark Winstanley, a pair of theatre makers, performers and teachers who have been creating work influenced by Clown and play for the last 10 years.

They have taught Clown, play and bouffon at various drama schools including RADA, East 15, UCLAN, Salford University and manny more.
The Performers Playground is the only course of its kind in the North West that covers; play, Clown, mask work, bouffon and theatre creation.
The course aims to be a contribution to theatre by arming Performers with the skills and confidence to begin creating their own work.
It is intensive, rigorous, playful, hilarious, beautiful and the ultimate goal is to help performers discover their pleasure on stage.

So what are you waiting for...?
Come and play
This is 10 week course which will take place on Tuesday evenings 6.30pm-8.30pm

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