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Salford Dance Explosion

Tickets for Salford Dance Explosion at The Lowry

Brought to The Lowry by Karen Acton, LMA (Lights, Music, Acton).
Celebrating its 10th year anniversary last year, Salford Dance Explosion enters its second decade in 2019. A three day dance festival involving over 500 performers from schools and community dance groups from across the region.
Join us for three exciting evenings to celebrate the talents and diversity of our young people in Salford and beyond as we welcome schools and groups from further afield.
“This show has proved phenomenally successful. Karen Acton, the organiser is a veritable bundle of energy who runs the Lights, Music, Acton musical theatre school in Worsley, as well as numerous musical theatre projects in and around the city.”
- Tom Rodgers Salford Online



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