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Agudo Dance - Carmen
Agudo Dance - Carmen

Artistic Director: Jose Agudo
Production: Carmen

Carmen will always be free… she is a gypsy, a Romany, a traveller, an
untamed spirit, captivating and elusive, yet earthy and fiercely alive.
Jose Agudo draws upon his unique palette of Flamenco and contemporary
dance to create this dramatic adaptation of Prosper Merimée’s classic novella.
The company delivers a rich tapestry of human motives and emotions,
unravelling the complex exchange between conformity and freedom; the
tension unleashed by obsessive human behaviour, the desire for self-
disclosure and upholding the right to be free.

Set to an original Flamenco infused score by Bernhard Schimpelsberger and
additional track by Kefaya, Carmen is a story about individuality, freedom,
love and pleasure, and the belief that our journey of twists and turns we call
life is always valuable.

  • AGUD1021QUA
  • The Lowry Theatre, Salford
  • Personal Basket