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Any Suggestions Doctor
Any Suggestions Doctor
Any Suggestions, Doctor? The Improvised Doctor Who Parody
The Improvised Doctor Who Parody is landing near you! Travel anywhere in time and space with a live radiophonic workshop, incredible props & set and a collection of hilarious improv comedy performers. Travel on an adventure everyone can enjoy made entirely from your suggestions. Allons-y!
  • SUGG0320STU
  • The Aldridge Studio, The Lowry, Salford
  • "Laughter so hard the seating shook" ★★★★★ One4Review

     "A must see" ★★★★★ Scottish Field

    “The Doctor would approve” ★★★★ BroadwayBaby

    “A talented cast, sharp improv skills and a slick live soundscape” Recommended by the British Comedy Guide
    "A splendid, inventive contagiously funny show [...] I’ll go again!" Jon Culshaw (Dead Ringers)

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