Adult Activity Digital Drama

Bert & Nasi: HELLO


By Bertrand Lesca and NasiVoutsas


Combining realphone conversations with still pictures, texts and music, HELLO is a crossbetween a video diary and a series of postcards sent between Bert & Nasiduring and after last year's lockdowns. It is a funny and personal accountof two people trying to maintain their friendship and creative partnershipwhilst living far apart. 


Every day for7 days you will receive a text message from Bert & Nasi with a link to adifferent film. Films will only be available until the end of the week. Oncethey're gone, they're gone. 


Please note: you will need an internetenabled phone to receive our text messages. We will also need your first nameand phone number, but we promise we won't share any of your data with anyoneelse no matter how much money they offer us. We would never do that becausethat's a total breach of trust and we just wouldn't do it – no matter how muchmoney. No way Jose. Not even a million pounds. Facebook andliterally everyone have already done it so there would be no point anyway.All personal data will be deleted after the final message has been sent. 


The link to enter your phone number will be sent in your bookingconfirmation. To receive all the messages, you must add you phone number by 9amon Friday 26 March. Numbers added after this point will miss out on sometexts.  


Commissionedby The Lowry and MAYK. Supported by Arts Council England. Bert and Nasi areproduced by Farnham Maltings.


Age guidance: 14+ 

twitter: @lesca_b  @nasi_v #HELLOTheLowry

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