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Do you miss eating at restaurants and going to the theatre?
Protein invites you to bring home both by laying your table with a specially conceived tasting
menu and immersing yourself in May Contain Food.
Press coverage for May Contain Food Online:
The Guardian’s Hottest Front-Room Seats: The best theatre and dance to watch
“Playful and dynamic as both the singing and dancing were performed perfectly by
the cast.”
★★★★ London Theatre Reviews
“May Contain Food dismantles the isolation seen in most online performances today
and creates a new digitally-led viewing participatory space.”
★★★★ The Upcoming
“Good enough to eat.”
Exeunt Magazine
Finally available online, May Contain Food is Protein’s popular and witty piece of dance and
music theatre created by Luca Silvestrini and Orlando Gough in 2015, featuring an exquisite
cast of four vocalists and four dancers singing for their supper.
Sit back, follow the performers and relish in the food, just like the dining audience in the
recording, as you explore your relationship with eating for a very unique ‘night in.’
“A yummy night!”
★★★★ The Stage, 2016
“Lip-smacking fusion of song, dance, mime and sweet aperitif tomatoes.”
★★★★ The Guardian, 2016
Some courses feature simple ingredients such as a cherry tomato and a ball of rice, whilst
adventurous audiences seeking a full sensory experience can have a go at Gough’s own
recipe of aromatic sticky ginger pudding to bake during the viewing and consume at the end.
From savouring simplicity, to the communal act, to touching on the moral dilemma of
vegetarianism, the show weaves through the cultural significance of eating. Orlando Gough’s
original score is performed entirely a cappella as movement is composed and music is
choreographed creating an intimate experience of indulgence, nostalgia and mischief.
“Orlando Gough’s score is splendidly, sonorously odd.”
The Observer, 2016
To join the May Contain Food restaurant, book your ticket to watch the stream on The
Lowry’s website.
The recipes to prepare will be sent to you by email after purchasing a ticket. For the full
immersive experience, allow yourself enough time to get the ingredients and prepare the
recipes before the show. Preparation and cooking time is two to three hours.
The show is accompanied by an introduction from choreographer Luca Silvestrini and
composer Orlando Gough and on the 5th of March at 8.30pm, a live Q&A will be available
for those who wish to converse with the pair.
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