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PETRICHOR is a MATCHBOX production for ThickSkin.
Experience online at home or in Virtual Reality (VR) at The Lowry

Welcome to PETRICHOR.

Thousands applied and you have been selected.
This is a new beginning, a clean slate, a second chance.
You are an important part of this machine,
And that’s all you need to think about.

Step into a new world. A world where every single day is exactly the same. PETRICHOR is a dystopian reality, where every moment is muted, managed and monochrome. Nothing bad ever happens. Nothing good does either. Excitement and happiness have been traded for a world without pain and suffering.

A chance meeting brings two unlikely individuals together and offers a small glimpse of what life could be. Their newfound connection sends ripples through this ordered world. They begin to question every decision, every step and every thought they’ve ever had. Could there be something more than this?

  • PETR1020LGA
  • The Lowry Theatre, Salford
  • Personal Basket