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Uncle Ray
Uncle Ray

From the creators of the "unforgettable" SWIMMING WITH MY MOTHER and THE WOLF AND PETER, CoisCèIm are back live on stage with David Bolger's UNCLE RAY - Ray Bolger - known everywhere as the loveable scarecrow without a brain.

"Who is Uncle Ray? Memories, like old photographs, come flooding back in black and white... So, when Uncle Ray came to visit once a year, I had no idea he had turned into glorious Technicolor. Standing at the edge of the yellow brick road. Crows would come from miles around just to eat from his field. Maybe not the best scarecrow. But an incredible dancer and my uncle - Uncle Ray Bolger.

The wonders of reality, imagination and family lore collide in this enchanting new dance duet starring David Bolger and street dancer, Donking Rongavilla.

Watch a trailer here.

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